Installing double-glazed windows and doors is a great way to reduce energy costs, increase security, and improve the overall comfort of your home. However, these benefits are only realised if the installation is done correctly. 

Unfortunately, many homeowners make mistakes during the double glazing installation process in Horsham, which can result in costly repairs or even complete replacement of the windows or doors.

Double Glazing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Here are four common mistakes that you should avoid when installing double-glazed windows and doors:

1. Not Choosing an Experienced Installer: Double glazing is not a DIY job and requires a professional with experience in construction and knowledge of local building codes. A professional installer should carry out all aspects of the work, from measuring and cutting/fitting the frames to sealing around doorways and windows. This ensures it’s appropriately done according to safety regulations and will provide years of worry-free service. 

2. Not Considering Ventilation Requirements: Double glazing can be airtight, so ventilation must be considered during the installation to ensure adequate airflow throughout your home. This can be achieved through trickle vents installed in window frames or by opting for openable casements instead of sliding sashes – both methods will allow fresh air to enter while still keeping warm air out in winter months. 

3. Not Ensuring Proper Insulation Setup: The purpose of double glazing is to keep cold air out during winter, but it’s also essential to ensure that warm air is kept inside as much as possible. This will provide enough insulation around frames, such as foam strips or expanding foam sealant when fitting them. This prevents heat from escaping where there may be gaps between frames and walls and flooring to maximise energy efficiency in your home. 

4. Not Taking Into Consideration Glazing Options: It’s crucial to select the correct type of glass for your particular needs, as different kinds offer different levels of soundproofing, UV protection, privacy etc. For example, the low-emissive mirror reflects heat into your home, keeping it warmer while also allowing natural light to come in – this makes it a good choice for cooler climates where extra insulation is needed while still letting sunlight through! 

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