Are you planning to improve the insulation of your home? Then, installing a double-glazed window is a feasible option. You might have heard from people that double-glazed windows reduce heat loss. Have you ever wondered how? Compared to other forms of insulation, installing double-glazed windows can also help you cut down on your electricity bills.

Before you decide to install double glazing in Horsham, contact professional installers. They will provide you with proper advice and the installation process.

What are the Benefits of Installing Double-Glazed Windows for Insulation?

As the name suggests, double-glazed windows contain two glass panes with a layer of argon gas inserted between them. That’s why they are good insulators. The design is an excellent solution for trapping heat during winter and keeping heat from entering the room during summer.

Keeps the House Warmer

During winter, double glazing is a blessing. It retains the flow of cold air inside the house and the warm environment within the house’s four walls. Hence, your room stays warmer and more comfortable without a room heater.

Fewer Amounts of Condensation

Double-glazed windows help prevent condensation from occurring inside and outside the house because of the reduced airflow. 

How Does Double-Glazing Insulation Work?

The trapped layer of air between the two glass panes acts as a barrier and limits the heat transfer between the insides and outsides of the room. The working process of a double-glazed window is based on three common mechanisms: conduction, convection, and radiation.

Conduction is the process when the heat is transferred through direct contact. Again, convection is the process of transferring heat through liquid or gas. On the other hand, radiation is the transfer of heat through electromagnetic waves.

In double-glazing windows, the mechanism of convection occurs, where the heat is transferred through the gas. The glasses used in the double glazing have a special coating with a low emissivity e-coating. This coating effectively reflects the heat into the premises and keeps the interiors of the house warm. It also prevents the heat from escaping through the windows.

While buying double-glazed windows for your home, check the thermal efficiency rating. This will help to improve energy performance and insulation benefits.

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