If your house has UPVC doors and windows, you will be considered as one of the smartest homeowners with a good sense of investment and planning. UPVC doors and windows are known for their functionality and durability. Both individual property owners and developers like to use these doors and windows in their residential and commercial projects.
Nonetheless, you can improve the lifespan of UPVC windows & doors in Horsham with an easy and simple maintenance routine. All though these products are simply low-maintenance ones; some simple care can increase their durability and efficiency. In order to protect your installation and obtain consistent performance, you must take good care of your UPVC doors and windows.

  • Cleaning UPVC Windows and Doors

A mild liquid detergent and warm water are the best solutions to clean the faces of UPVC window frames. You should apply this once a week or at least twice a month to get the best result. Avoid abrasive detergents which can damage your frames. The frames may get stained due to smoke, cooking fumes, oil and other objects that need to be cleaned properly.

  • Look for the Drainage

After heavy rain, you can notice water laying in the frame’s bottom of your windows and doors. This is normal, and you should not get worried about it. If you have clear drainage holes in the base of the frame, the water will gradually pass or evaporate after some time.

  • Proper Care for Condensation

Condensation is normal, especially in humid weather conditions. If there is a difference in temperature on both sides of the glazing of UPVC doors and windows, then you can also experience this. The impact will be proportional to the amount of water vapour created on the surface. You can see the maximum effect of condensation on windows located in the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Double glazing is the most effective solution for condensation.

  • Take Care of the Locks

While talking about the maintenance of UPVC doors and windows, you cannot ignore their locks. Handling them with proper care is highly required to ensure the proper safety of your property. Never forcefully open the locks. This can damage and break them. Follow the proper technique of opening and closing the windows as per the lock you have.

  • Hinge Maintenance

Keep the hinge of your UPVC doors clean all the time. Use silicone spray to clean the hinges. You should check the tightness of the fixing screws to avoid damage.

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