While designing or remodelling our homes, we do everything to elevate the overall look. The right selection of windows & doors can make your home look more classy and elegant. Un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) windows & doors are one of the most popular and best frames that can benefit you in multiple ways. Here are the top reasons why you should choose uPVC windows & doors.

Benefits of uPVC Windows & Doors

  1. Aesthetics: While choosing uPVC frames for your property, you can ask manufacturers or installation companies to customise them according to your specifications. You can also ditch choosing the typical white colour frames and opt for other colours that suit your property.
  2. Easy on Pocket: Compared to aluminium frames or wooden options, uPVC frames are cost-effective as they come with a minimum guarantee of 10 years.
  3. Low-Maintenance: Unlike other frame options, uPVC doesn’t require repainting, varnishing and sanding at regular intervals. They can last for decades and require wiping from soap water to remove dirt buildups.
  4. Durable: uPVC frames aren’t damaged by corrosion or rot, making them best for seaside properties. They are also resistant to UV rays, so the material doesn’t fade even after exposure to the sun for a prolonged time.
  5. Eco-Friendly: uPVC material is comparatively more eco-friendly than wooden or aluminium frames as they can last up to 80 years and are also majorly made from recyclable materials. 
  6. Reduced Noise: With the installation of uPVC windows & doors, decreased noise will pass into your property because of double-glazed window panels. They can reduce sound by almost 50%.
  7. Fire Resistant: uPVC material can protect against fire, unlike wooden alternatives, ensuring compliance with fire safety protocols.
  8. Protect against Extreme Weather: uPVC materials have a longer lifespan as they don’t react with air and water. They can also stand up to extreme weather conditions, and reduced condensation will keep dampness at bay.
  9. Ventilation: uPVC windows & doors can provide efficient ventilation with an effective window configuration consisting of a two-window arrangement that ensures draft-free ventilation.
  10. Energy Saving: The insulation properties of uPVC windows & doors ensure your property retains heat during the winter and remains cold during the summer, eventually leading to less power consumption. 

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