Are you considering upgrading your home? The next renovation should be your door. It is time you change your traditional doors into energy-efficient ones. Don’t underestimate the benefits of energy-efficient windows & doors in Horsham. However, you might be perplexed about what features to look for in your new energy-efficient door. Here, we have compiled the features that will guide you to an informed choice.

Features You Should Look Out for in Your Energy-Efficient Door

Let’s look at some of the salient features of a quality energy-efficient door.

The Insulating Materials

These doors are usually made with special insulating materials like fibreglass, insulated wood or composite materials. These materials ensure that your indoor temperature remains consistent. So, when choosing an energy-efficient door, make sure they provide you with a quality insulating material.

The Presence of Multiple Glazing

If your door has glass panels, it is advantageous to have multiple layers of glass with insulating spaces in between. The layers of multiple glazing make the door more energy-efficient.

The Low Emissivity Coating

Glass doors sometimes have a special coating called low-emissivity coating. It reflects heat and as well as prevents the indoor heat from escaping. When you are choosing an energy-efficient door, make sure it is equipped with a low-emissivity coating.

Tight Seals

This is crucially important as well: make sure your energy-efficient doors are outfitted with high-quality weather-stripping as well as a sealing system around the edges. It helps minimise the air leakage. This feature keeps the indoor temperature more stable.

Adjustable Thresholds

Many energy-efficient doors tend to have adjustable thresholds and seals. These seals can be set at an appropriate height to minimise gaps.

The Role of the Frame

The frames of the door also have a crucial role to play in its energy efficiency. Hence, choose frames that don’t conduct the heat well, like vinyl, thermally broken aluminium, as well as fibreglass.

The Design

You might be picking this kind of door for functionality and energy efficiency. That does not mean you have to sacrifice your design preference. Energy-efficient doors come in many styles, and you can find one that suits your taste.

Embrace energy-efficient doors for a more sustainable and better future. It will not only help save on your energy bills, but it will also add a subtle shade of style to your residence. For quality windows and doors in Horsham, reach out to Maplecraft Windows, Glazing Repairs & Building Company and explore our collection.