If you thought double glazed windows come in specific shapes and styles, you are wrong. There is a wide variety of styles and shapes of these windows that can perfectly fit your home. Another interesting point is that you can also customise the window frame’s design.

What Are Double Glazed Windows?

Windows with double glazed glasses have become a popular option for domestic and commercial households. It is known for its energy efficiency, low cost and soundproof features. You have to choose a type of window that perfectly matches the theme of your house.

Trendy Variants of Double Glazed Windows:

Here are the top contemporary window styles that you can try. Communicate with a professional of double glazing in East Grinstead to view the top ranges.

  • Casements: These are the most popular form of double glazed windows. You can find them in many households. Casements generally contain two window panes that are attached to a hinge. The panes can be modified to open in the exteriors or interiors. You can also try a modern version of this window, popularly known as a French casement. It can act as an exit point during an emergency.
  • Awning Windows: These windows act as a great outlet for ventilation in a house. They have a traditional design, with a hinge on the top edge. The windowpane generally opens outwards to regulate the air movement inside the room. You can try awning windows as a skylight on your roof. The operation of the windows can be automated by fitting motor chain drivers.
  • Fixed Windows: You can try fitting fixed windows if the outlet for the window is located in the Northern direction. These windows can help your room become energy efficient. You will receive an even distribution of sunlight throughout the day. Along with insulating your room, the windows can give you a stunning view of the outer world.
  • Tilt and Turn Windows: These have a versatile design and ensure maximum safety. You can opt to open them in two ways. Along with providing light and ventilation, the windows have accessible cleaning features too. You can install them on your property if you have a little child. This is a trendy double glazed window option that is worth trying.

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