The windows are considered one of the most important parts of a home’s security. These days, having the right security features in place can be one of the best objects to prevent intruders from breaking inside the house, and they are also designed to avoid accidents in properties having young children, like falls and injuries that happen due to broken glass. 

The modern Double glazing in Horsham is built to ensure that they can protect from emergencies. If you want good quality double glazing for your home, you can look for professionals offering the best installation services. 

The Major Features You Will Find In Double Glazing

Internal Beading

It is now said that internal beading is one of the more secure options than external beading. It stops the intruders from being able to remove the beads from the outside of windows. It also meets up with the standard of government regulations. If you want to maintain top-notch security in your home by installing internal beading, using a double-glazed window is the best option for you. 

Multi-Point Locking

As the name implies, the multi-point locking system feature involves more than 1 locking unit. It ensures that when the window is closed, it gets fastened at multiple points to give maximum security on the premises. If you are looking for the best window for enhanced security, multi-point locking is the right choice. 

Key-Lockable Handles

Locking the front door with the help of a key will give you total peace of mind. It means your home is secured, and the key lockable window option will do the same. The lock will be open with the help of a key. So, if there is any intruder who is attempting to open the door and break in, smashing the glass and reaching out to the handle, they will not be able to open the window. 

Having Shatterproof Glass

There are two major advantages of using shatterproof glass. First, it will make the process difficult for the intruders to come in and break the window without producing any sound. They will repeatedly strike the window glass but will not be able to enter. Secondly, this means that if the window breaks, pieces of glass will not go anywhere. It further reduces the risk of getting hurt. 

These are the major features that are available with the double glazing. You can get the best quality double-glazed windows from Maplecraft Windows. The team is experienced in installation and repair, too. Get in touch to know more