Are your windows not working efficiently or facing difficulty while shutting your doors? Many people often find it difficult to understand when they need to replace their windows and doors. A professional expert can help you repair and install windows & doors in Horsham. Let’s dig into some important signs of damaged windows and doors.

Six Signs You Need To Repair or Replace Your Windows & Doors

High Energy Bills

If you are getting higher than usual energy bills, perhaps it’s time to replace your windows. A damaged window can contribute to a sudden rise in your heating costs. Older windows, especially with single-pane glass or poor seals, can allow heat escape during the winter. This makes your heating system work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. This eventually results in higher energy bills.

Difficulty Opening & Closing

Experiencing difficulty when opening or closing the windows or door indicates its inefficiency. Broken hardware and warped frames can cause such an issue. It not only annoys you but also imposes a safety risk.

Air Leaks

Gaps in the frame, the sash-damaged weatherstripping, or faulty seals can cause drafts or cold air from your windows or doors. This can also result in increased energy consumption. 


Moisture buildup or excessive condensation on your windows indicates a broken seal or poor insulation. If your windows look foggy, particularly during the colder months, you must call a specialist to check your windows. It creates a foggy and unpleasing appearance and can result in mould growth, wood rot, etc. Such buildups can compromise your home’s structural integrity. 

Fading and Discolouration

No one likes to see their windows and doors fading, particularly in mismatched or outdated-styled windows. Such windows clash with your home’s architecture. Exposure to sunlight for a longer duration, extreme weather conditions, or poor-quality window materials can cause fading. The UV rays can even damage the window glass, ultimately affecting its insulation properties.

Visible Damage

This is an obvious reason to repair or replace your windows or doors. Call a specialist if you see cracks, broken glass or chips in your windows. Broken windows can attract intruders, which can threaten your security and safety. So, replace or repair your windows as soon as possible. 

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